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Electric Motors one of the most notorious inventions agosto 26, 2015

Electric motors have become one of the most notorious inventions of man during their technological development. Simple construction machine, cost-effective, versatile and clean, its principles of operation, construction and selection need to be known so that it plays its role in the world.

Through a simple and objective language, this manual aims to facilitate the work of those specific, buys and sells electric motors. This material covers all the engines low, medium and high voltage synchronous permanent magnets and asynchronous induction, single phase and trifásicos.Com cage rotor manufactured by the companies, and the largest manufacturer of electric motors in Latin America says that this model is the best-selling.

The Motor Three-Phase High Yield Plus can be applied to pumps, fans, exhaust fans, crushers, mills, hoists, compressors and other applications that require asynchronous three-phase induction motors with maximum efficiency and reduced consumption.

Features High Performance Plus; Degree of protection: IP55; Sealing the bearings: V’Ring; Housings: cast iron; Automatic drain; Powers: 0.16 to 500cv (frames 63 to 355m / l); Isolation.

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Innovating mobile phone today agosto 24, 2015

A pioneer in the wholesale market of mobile telephony, TeleCom came to innovate as one of the first and distributor of mobile phone wholesale all brands and models.

After years of studies and experiments and throughout the life, the company expanded the range of partnerships with the biggest and best manufacturers in the telephony business, thus offering wide range of mobile devices, quality products and competitive value in the market generating credibility to our customers and the possibility of great financial and commercial benefits before a type of market that tends to grow quickly and with a huge variety of products.

In view of the best and biggest business opportunities we can only bring what’s most advanced cell technology for customers. The differential is to offer the latest market launches, price, variety of designs, fast delivery and quality products and thus serve major retailers and the market with the very best technology in mobile phone or wholesale mobile.

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Engine model to be used in jet wash agosto 19, 2015

The main electric motor models that can be used in jet wash, both in the professional line and for domestic use:

Model Electric Motor to jet wash the Hobby Line

The electric motors of this model are single-phase motors for use exclusively in high-pressure washers baldor eletric motor vl1306 this type of engine is the Hobby line, however for use in Domestic machines, and even so it is a weak engine, this type of engine model electric this specially developed for maximum performance and throughput.

Model Electric Motor to be used in Lava jet companies – Professional Line

The electric motors of this model are engines for use in high-pressure washers, and because it is the professional line this motor has a high torque and can be used for long periods without damage, and are specially designed engines to receive jets constant water, and have maximum performance and yield category, these models are have high reliability and significant savings.

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